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Domestic Market

Since 2008, Energy Market Global is a licensed and active participant on the liberalized electricity market in Bulgaria. The company has signed contracts for the purchase of electricity from the largest producers in Bulgaria - Kozloduy NPP, TPP Maritsa East 2 and NEK and is also an importer of electricity from abroad. Energy Market Global is also the coordinator of a standard balancing group, which gives us the advantage of offering our customers forecasting and optimization of electricity costs, as well as taking responsibility for their balancing.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Preparation of a detailed analysis of electricity consumption for the purpose of assessing the benefits of possible participation in the liberalized market.
  • Consultation and implementation of the full procedure for registration and joining of the liberalized market of electricity.
  • Assistance for the full procedure for connection to the grid.
  • Reduction of electricity costs between 5% and 15% depending on the nature of customer consumption.

Why switch to the liberalized electricity market?

In Bulgaria there are two parallel segments of the electricity market - regulated and liberalized. The liberalized market enables customers to choose their electricity supplier and to negotiate more favorable conditions and prices for active electricity, tailored to their specific needs. The prices of network services such as access and transmission are determined by the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (EWRC) and are paid by all customers regardless of the market segment in which they are located. For the end users of the liberalized electricity market there is also a fee "Obligation to society", subject to regulation by the EWRC.

Corporate customers connected to low, medium and high voltage have the opportunity to be privileged consumers and to choose their electricity supplier freely, as well as negotiate a competitive price that directly corresponds to their consumption and electricity needs. For medium or high voltage consumers, the law provides for a switch to a so- called supplier of last resort, which traditionally offers higher prices if the consumers in question do not switch to a liberalized market electricity supplier.

From April 1, 2016, the application of standardized load profiles (STP) has started on the energy market in Bulgaria. Through them, household and small business customers connected to low voltage can participate in the market at freely negotiated prices, as long as there is no regulatory requirement for hourly measurement of the amount of electricity consumed. Liberalized market traders have the advantage of offering electricity to end users or other traders from different sources and producers, which drastically reduces the risk of using a single supplier. Liberalized market price levels can be up to 30% lower than those of the regulated market and depend directly on the individual profile of each consumer. The price of electricity on the liberalized market is calculated individually per MWh and largely depends on the customer's load profile.

What does the load profile include?

  • The required monthly amount of energy
  • The main characteristic of the load - constant, variable, without night consumption or with minimal consumption, etc.
  • Seasonality in electricity production and consumption

What is the liberalization of the electricity market?

With the liberalization of the internal electricity market in 2007, each end-user connected to high, medium or low voltage and meeting the legal requirements can choose his electricity supplier, as well as negotiate competitive delivery prices.

How to enter the liberalized electricity market?

Energy Market Global performs the entire procedure for entering the liberalized market for its customers. When switching from a regulated to a free market, registration with the electricity system operator (ESO) is required. The registration on the liberalized electricity market is performed with the network operator to which the customer's sites are connected. The procedure takes about 1 month and includes the submission of the following documents:

  • power of attorney certified by a notary
  • application for access to the relevant network operator
  • declaration of joining the balancing group of Energy Market Global
  • certificate of no arrears
  • certificate for concluded balancing contract or contract for combined services

At the end of each month, list of clients registered on the liberalized market is published.

Advantages of the liberalized market

Liberalized market registration gives you the opportunity to optimize your electricity costs through a bilateral contract with a supplier of your choice. With the liberalization of the market, the processes of production, trade and transmission of electricity are separated. The aim is to improve the level of service by stimulating the development of a competitive environment. The creation of an energy exchange in Bulgaria is a necessary condition for the development of an open energy market.

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